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The Cathedral Architects Association exists to promote excellence in the care of cathedral buildings. The collegiate nature of the Association provides a unique knowledge base that is sustained by the free and generous exchange of ideas, expertise, and the experiences of its members both active and retired. Membership is open to those who are appointed under the Care of Cathedrals Measure to look after Anglican cathedrals within England. Invitations are also extended to the architects of cathedrals of other denominations and jurisdictions such as Roman Catholic cathedrals, cathedrals in Wales and Scotland and also further afield. We benefit from the contributions of our corresponding members who have a close connection with cathedral work, including archaeology, construction, engineering, environmental services and the conservation of fabric and contents. The Association engages with national and local bodies that have responsibility for cathedral matters, such as Historic England, the Association of English Cathedrals, and the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England. The Association periodically runs events with a specific focus on different aspects of cathedral work, such as masonry conservation, innovations in lighting, and training for future cathedral architects.

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Save the date! The next Triennial Conference will be held from the evening of Friday 12 May until the afternoon of Monday 15 May 2017. We shall be staying firstly in Durham, and then in York.  Members: if you have not already received the notice and programme, please contract the Hon. Sec.


Daily Telegraph article, 26 February 2017 - Archbishop Justin Welby comments on the planning issue at Guildford and says that cathedrals "are not too big to fail".

US National Cathedral, Washington DC, 15 April 2016. Work has started on the exterior of the building to repair damage caused by the east coast earthquake which occurred on 23 August 2011. The repair of the interior of the building was completed in February 2015.

Anyone with the opportunity of visiting Barcelona may wish to see the interior of the Sagradia Família basilica which is now on the point of being finished. (Work on the outside continues at a rate of about 65k€ / day.) The interior is astonishing.

BBC News 26 January 2016 : survey of the finances of English Anglican cathedrals : 26/38 responders are "worried or very worried about the future".

The cardboard cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand, remains a temporary structure but is now cited as being one of the principal reasons to visit the city. Architect Shigero Ban; completed 2013.

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    A recent inquiry about replacement "Cathedral" glass, that is the plain glass fitted in diamond leaded lights was answered by the Cathedral Studio at Canterbury, who said:

    The only manufacturer of hand-rolled Cathedral glass, in a range of tints that are very compatible with the Victorian glasses, is Lamberts Glass in Germany. 

    All other modern Cathedral glasses are made by machines, and the texture is artificially pressed into the surface and therefore only superficially resembles the original handmade glass.  The original texture is a result of the shock cooling of molten glass coming in contact with the steel bench it is poured onto.  You can see the process in this video.

    Lamberts produce 30 standard colours in hand-rolled cathedral glass, mostly light tints.  They are also able to produce a custom colour.